domenica 9 marzo 2014

Chapter 6

Hey there people, what's up?

You may be wondering what the fuck are we doin' and why is it takin' so long to release the new album... and u're goddamn right! :) It's all about workin' on different stuff all at the same time really, the album of course will be released before the end of the year (I guess it will be a late autumn/winter release) but in the meanwhile we are still workin' on other projects and stuff as well, so it's all about finding enough time to do all properly...

Anyway, got some good news for you, we met Mr.Speed at the gig Soilwork did a couple of days ago in Italy (great live band as usual, if you have the chance check 'em out live when u can, it's worth it!), had a chat & some drinks and it's confirmed that he will be part of the new record as well, he should join' us for the recordings of his parts during the summer... I'll keep u updated.

Oh btw, I know that some "making of" videos of the Fragments recordings (10 years ago!! daaamn, we're growin' old!! :)) will soon be released, I saw some snippets and damn... ahahah it's quite funny stuff! Probably they will be directly posted on our YouTube channel so stay tuned for some light hearted behind-the-scenes laughters and rare spinal-tap moments... ;D

Later people, take care of yourselves!

Ave Atque Vale,