domenica 10 novembre 2013

Chapter 5

Hey hey, here we go again!

So, what's been goin' on lately? Several things on different fronts actually...

On the Disarmonia Mundi one we're just goin' through songs over and over again, we're kinda used to them now, but still we're forcing ourselves to understand what really works and what needs to be changed before starting the official recordings. It's really a tricky process, we've been listening to these demo versions for so long they almost sound old to us and it's really hard to have an objective point of view on them now... still we want this record to be as perfect as possible, so we're gonna go this way for some more time.
Oh and btw, I told u a while ago we're gonna be covering a song from our fav band ever, but still u haven't guessed the right one... If u know us at least a little it's really easy to understand which band we're gonna cover... c'mon, I know u know it! :)

And what about The Stranded? We're gathering a bulk of material right now: raw stuff, bunch of riffs, some vocal ideas here and there, keyboard parts... I'm quite confident it will turn out good, if you liked our debut album u shouldn't be disappointed by the new one when it will come out. Oh yeah and remember to keep in touch with out official FB page, we need some support!

In the meanwhile I'm also laying down some vocals on a bunch of songs for Mr. NeroArgento (yeah the keyboard player for The Stranded), I dunno when and how they will be released but they sound quite interesting indeed... kinda different from what I usually do, with a very low produced garage sound but with lot of keyboard layers on them... We're just having fun in our spare time for the sake of doin' it, but some of you will probably like what we're doin' so I'll keep u informed as well as soon as we've got something worth listening.

Nothing else? Yeah, I've also started using Instagram (veeeeery bad choice, but hey, now it's done), so if any of u wants to catch up there just search for INFERNALIZER and give me a shout, maybe I'm gonna post something DM related sooner or later, who knows... ;)

Ok all for now, take care and have a good time!

Ave Atque Vale,

mercoledì 25 settembre 2013

Chapter 4

Yes, I know, it's been too long!

So, what have we been up to in all this time? Is the new DM record finally ready? Ehm, no, not really, but first things first...

We kinda found ourselves in need of a summer break to recharge our batteries (we're old men after all! ;) ) so we haven't been working on the new record for a month or so. It's not a good thing to force yourself to work on something if you're stressed out or you have simply other things that need to be taken care of first, so we just took an healthy break from the new record and focused on some other things (like the new The Stranded album that will hopefully be released next year and other collaborations that will be revealed sooner than later...) before starting to work again on the new stuff.

Right now I'm just listening to all the songs we demoed so far tryin' to figure out what needs to be changed and how, we'll have a meeting tomorrow and work out a schedule to define when the official recordings should start and stuff like that... so I'll just keep you informed as things flow, ok? ;)

And now before I leave let me just give you a friendly advice... Do yourselves a favour and buy the new Carcass album! It's so good it makes most of the music out there sound like utter shit!

Take care dudes, tnx for your support and patience!

Ave Atque Vale,

domenica 2 giugno 2013

Chapter 3


Yeah, it's been a while, but life's been quite a rollercoaster lately, sorry for the dealy!

Anyway, the composition for the new album is obviously over, we've demoed all the songs that will be featured on the record, so we can consider the best part of doin' a new album sadly done! Why sadly? Coz I personally find the "recording part" way less inspiring and entertaining than the sheer demoing part... Creating something out of nothing is still the main reason I'm into music actually.

You'll probably want to know how the new stuff is gonna sound or even hear a snippet, right? Humm, no snippet yet, but we'll be taking pics and shooting some "making of" stuff as soon as the official recordings start, so this time you'll be more informed about what's goin' on in the studio when we do a new album.

A cool thing about the new stuff is that we put little hints and reminders (both musical and lyrical) here and there to some of our previous tracks... Ok, it's nothing new, so many bands already did this, but we never did this before so we find it funny and cool, ok? Ahahah, c'mon be kind and pretend we're not retards... ;)

What else... Oh yeah, the overall number of tracks in this record will be shorter than the last album, this doesn't mean that there will be less music (one track is nearly 8 minutes long! So far my fav one out the whole record btw...) , but probably we had too many tracks on The Isolation Game and we want to keep the new one a little tighter... Another cool thing is that the Japanese bonus track will be a cover version of a song from our fav band ever... Can you guess which one? Try it!

Ok people,
I'm hungover and need to rest my poor empty head now eheh, talk with u later and take care!

Ave Atque Vale,