martedì 20 novembre 2012

Chapter 2

Hey there people, time for another quick update!

The demoing is going great so far, we're somewhat halfway through the record and what we have right now is a bunch of damn heavy and solid tracks.
We're quite pleased about our current efforts, despite being just demos we can already consider this as the heavy core of the album, very aggressive and brutal, so maybe it's about time to experiment a little bit with the remaining songs...

Don't get me wrong, we ain't gonna switch style at all, but we'd love to make this record as complete as possible, adding a little bit of everything we've done so far, like some progressive elements in the vibe of the first record "Nebularium" or some more melodic moments as well.

There's been quite an evolution in the music style of this band since the very beginning and despite never drastically changing genre every release has been characterized by a different approach, so it would be cool to sum all our different influences in a sole record.

Right, maybe it's a little too early to say this, but I'm quite sure that if you liked our music so far you're gonna like this new release as well, our trademark is still there and the new stuff can't wait to kick you in the ass...

See ya next time!

Ave Atque Vale,

sabato 22 settembre 2012

Chapter 1

So, being the official forum dead&gone by far I decided to create this tiny little space to keep you all updated about what's goin' on in the DM world, hope you enjoy it.

Right now we're demoing some tracks for what will be our 5th full-lenght album, but don't hold your breath, 'coz it will take a while to be released...
This is the phase I probably like most, being creative and assembling something worth listening to out of nothing, it just takes a little mindset adjustment at the very beginning, but then the whole thing comes really smooth.

As usual Ettore is providing tons of great material and some really cool vocal ideas as well, so I'm pretty confident on the new stuff, the only thing to worry right now is to find the best solutions for each new song and to have each track sound the best way possible, with the best verses, best choruses, melodies and so on... Needless to say we'll try our best and if we fail... hey, at least we tried, ahah! ;)

Obviously it's a lot of fun too, enjoying what you do is mandatory to keep the music fresh and inspired, if you don't like your own stuff nobody else will, right?

Well well, it's all for now, we'll talk about the new stuff later, have a good weekend and take care of yourselves!

Ave Atque Vale,