sabato 22 settembre 2012

Chapter 1

So, being the official forum dead&gone by far I decided to create this tiny little space to keep you all updated about what's goin' on in the DM world, hope you enjoy it.

Right now we're demoing some tracks for what will be our 5th full-lenght album, but don't hold your breath, 'coz it will take a while to be released...
This is the phase I probably like most, being creative and assembling something worth listening to out of nothing, it just takes a little mindset adjustment at the very beginning, but then the whole thing comes really smooth.

As usual Ettore is providing tons of great material and some really cool vocal ideas as well, so I'm pretty confident on the new stuff, the only thing to worry right now is to find the best solutions for each new song and to have each track sound the best way possible, with the best verses, best choruses, melodies and so on... Needless to say we'll try our best and if we fail... hey, at least we tried, ahah! ;)

Obviously it's a lot of fun too, enjoying what you do is mandatory to keep the music fresh and inspired, if you don't like your own stuff nobody else will, right?

Well well, it's all for now, we'll talk about the new stuff later, have a good weekend and take care of yourselves!

Ave Atque Vale,

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  1. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

    1. the beast inside me still longs to be unchained... unchain it...

  2. I thought you would focus only on The Stranded from now on, I'm really glad to hear DM is back! Do your best, good luck!

  3. DM is the most underappreciated band in the world, I hope you guys never stop making music, looking forward to this album more than anything, I'll be sure to get it, despite how difficult it is to obtain DM albums in Australia... looking forward to some awesome stuff

  4. Reading this made my day! :D
    And I don't see a way you guys could possibly fail! I'm sooooo looking forward to hearing this!

    Cheers from your neighborland Austria!

  5. Cool man! Do you think Speed Strid will be in this new one as a guest?

  6. Yeah I'd like to see Strid again, when all three of you sing it covers like the full range of everything and sounds amazing.

  7. Amazing. Thank you. DM has been my favorite band for like 4 years now. I can't get enough of DM's music. I will be looking forward for this album. Is there a place where I can submit my DM tattoo when I get it for my bday? Facebook maybe? I will jump on that! Thanks for everything.

  8. Hi, I'm very glad you guys have a blog now, keep on updating more often, please.
    Could you please make at least a video? One video from DM (Celestial Furnance) is obviously not enough for me (and a lot of other people, I think). Just record at least something - you having rehearsals, playing different instruments, just jamming or chilling, whatever, but guys MAKE at least something in terms of vids.
    Thanks in advance :)

  9. Oh that's really good fucking news !

    Can't wait to hear it ! (The "Fragments of..." opus is may be the album I have the most listened amongst the hundred of CDs I own ^^) And even if didn't listened mind tricks a lot, the Isolation Game totally charmed me again !!

    So I really want to hear some new and fresh material from you !!
    Can't wait !!

    Best regards