mercoledì 25 settembre 2013

Chapter 4

Yes, I know, it's been too long!

So, what have we been up to in all this time? Is the new DM record finally ready? Ehm, no, not really, but first things first...

We kinda found ourselves in need of a summer break to recharge our batteries (we're old men after all! ;) ) so we haven't been working on the new record for a month or so. It's not a good thing to force yourself to work on something if you're stressed out or you have simply other things that need to be taken care of first, so we just took an healthy break from the new record and focused on some other things (like the new The Stranded album that will hopefully be released next year and other collaborations that will be revealed sooner than later...) before starting to work again on the new stuff.

Right now I'm just listening to all the songs we demoed so far tryin' to figure out what needs to be changed and how, we'll have a meeting tomorrow and work out a schedule to define when the official recordings should start and stuff like that... so I'll just keep you informed as things flow, ok? ;)

And now before I leave let me just give you a friendly advice... Do yourselves a favour and buy the new Carcass album! It's so good it makes most of the music out there sound like utter shit!

Take care dudes, tnx for your support and patience!

Ave Atque Vale,

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