domenica 10 novembre 2013

Chapter 5

Hey hey, here we go again!

So, what's been goin' on lately? Several things on different fronts actually...

On the Disarmonia Mundi one we're just goin' through songs over and over again, we're kinda used to them now, but still we're forcing ourselves to understand what really works and what needs to be changed before starting the official recordings. It's really a tricky process, we've been listening to these demo versions for so long they almost sound old to us and it's really hard to have an objective point of view on them now... still we want this record to be as perfect as possible, so we're gonna go this way for some more time.
Oh and btw, I told u a while ago we're gonna be covering a song from our fav band ever, but still u haven't guessed the right one... If u know us at least a little it's really easy to understand which band we're gonna cover... c'mon, I know u know it! :)

And what about The Stranded? We're gathering a bulk of material right now: raw stuff, bunch of riffs, some vocal ideas here and there, keyboard parts... I'm quite confident it will turn out good, if you liked our debut album u shouldn't be disappointed by the new one when it will come out. Oh yeah and remember to keep in touch with out official FB page, we need some support!

In the meanwhile I'm also laying down some vocals on a bunch of songs for Mr. NeroArgento (yeah the keyboard player for The Stranded), I dunno when and how they will be released but they sound quite interesting indeed... kinda different from what I usually do, with a very low produced garage sound but with lot of keyboard layers on them... We're just having fun in our spare time for the sake of doin' it, but some of you will probably like what we're doin' so I'll keep u informed as well as soon as we've got something worth listening.

Nothing else? Yeah, I've also started using Instagram (veeeeery bad choice, but hey, now it's done), so if any of u wants to catch up there just search for INFERNALIZER and give me a shout, maybe I'm gonna post something DM related sooner or later, who knows... ;)

Ok all for now, take care and have a good time!

Ave Atque Vale,

7 commenti:

  1. Man, when i see how many views u have on youtube makes me sad, sucha nice music, but ppl r so dumb so they understand it ... <3 DM <3
    Love ya!

    1. Agreed, even the lack of comments here surprises me. I'm glad they keep on working on new material anyway, makes me think they are not worried with popularity and do really want to express true art.

  2. Are you covering Soilwork? O.o
    'cause if you are that'll be FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! :D

  3. Wow! Wow! WOOOW! A new Disarmonia Mundi album? WTF? That's sooo great! I love you guys and I can't wait to have that new shiiitt right in my nerdy hands!
    #stooooookkeeed\m/ *____________*

  4. Just something I have noticed in all of your recordings (including The Stranded): They are too loud, in the sense that it degrades the quality of the sound.

    Don't worry with the volume, I'll increase it myself, your music is great.