domenica 15 giugno 2014

Chapter 7

Hello there,
anybody home?

So, been kinda busy lately (how unusual!) but here's a little recap of what's goin' on in our crazy little word...

First of all Coroner Records is releasing on the net some old video footages of the Fragments of D-Generation era (yes when we were still young and stupid... now we're just stupid lol) , mainly studio sessions and funny stuff while we were recording the album... Despite the fact that they should have been released 10 years ago (10 years... Goddamit!! It still feels like yesterday...) they're kinda funny to watch, so check 'em out if you wanna have a good laugh!

And what about the new Disarmonia Mundi album that is taking forever to be released? Ahah, well we're still looking forward to have it released before the end of the year and recordings are proceeding smoothly, but I can't give out any details yet, despite everything has been settled by far, from album title to artwork and so on... Sorry, that's how it goes :P

But what I can tell you is that I've been working in my spare time with Mr. Nero Argento (yup the dude playin' keys in The Stranded ) on a brand new project called The Silverblack : we met for a bunch of evenings just for the sake of catchin' up and developing some tunes together and in no time we found ourselves with an handful of tracks worth releasing... quite unexpected but very welcome indeed! ;) It's mainly keyboard-driven industrial stuff and it goes from melodic extreme metal to gothic rock , so the best way to understand what we've been up to is to listen to the record when it comes out (probably it will be released in autumn, dunno yet..) and see by yourselves if you like it or not :)

Well well I guess it's all for now,
take care and have a good time!

Ave Atque Vale,

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