sabato 26 luglio 2014

Chapter 8

Hello hello, how's goin'?
Hope everything is fine with you people!

A bunch of days ago I went to Ettore's studio and listened to the updated versions of the new songs... Damn, they kick some serious ass! I can't wait to have this goddamn record released, you won't be disappointed! It's really aggressive, couldn't be more happy about it... Funny how a couple of hours later I also listened for the first time to the new single of a very famous band that should be the torch-bearer of the same kind of music we're in (modern melodeath or whatever you wanna call it) and completely laughed my ass off noticing how much it sucks... Goddamit, if this is the best they can do now, please retire.

Anyway, I've also launched with my good mate Alessio Nero Argento a brand new band that ain't modern melodeath at all, it's more a mix of industrial stuff like Deathstars, Pain and Combichrist, we just released our first video and have a debut album coming later this year, so if you're in that kind of music you can watch the video here:

What else? Well, we're discussing the direction of the next The Stranded album as well... We already have a lot of material worth releasing,  just need to pack it the best way possible, it would be useless to record an album that sounds like the first one, so it's just a matter of agreeing on certain terms and developing everything the best way possible...

Right, all for now, see ya later!

Ave Atque Vale,

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