giovedì 25 dicembre 2014

Chapter 10

Hello there!

Yeah I know, it's been like forever, but I've been so damn busy goddamit!

First things first: in the next bunch of days I'll go to The Metal House studio for the final listening session of the new Disamonia Mundi record... yes it's finished! Ettore is such a perfectionist, he spends such a shitload of time adjusting small, almost inaudible details here and there (most of which you'll never even hear while listening to the songs) to achieve what sounds perfect in his mind... I admire it, but at the same time it makes me swear so much coz it's such a neverending process... Anyway, it's done, hallelujah!

News & previews will be released in the next couple of months, I'm sure you're gonna like what you hear.

On the other hand, I've been to Tokyo! Such a cool experience, I did a show and a couple of meet & greet events with the band Gyze, I recorded some guest vocals on their debut album a while ago so it's been really a nice experience performing with the guys live and meeting some really cool people (including some really nice DM fans, tnx for the support!), wish I could do it with DM too!


Anyway, hope u're havin' a good time, take care dudes!

Ave Atque Vale,

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