sabato 11 ottobre 2014

Chapter 9

Hello there!

Right, some updates on the way... First of all, the new DM record has been delayed. It will hopefully be released the very first months of 2015 (omfg), recordings are basically completed and right now it's goin' through the neverending mixing process and so on... Trust me, as good as it is right now I just want it released as much as you want, coz it really took forever, goddamit.

Anyway, I guess previews & studio stuff will eventually pop-up on the Coroner Records channels in the next bunch of months, so check 'em out from time to time for further updates on the matter.

On the other hand, considering that besides writing lyrics and singing vocals I ain't that much involved in the other DM activities I'm keeping myself busy with NeroArgento messing stuff up with The Silverblack, we released a very funny cover version of the song "My Oh My" by the Danish-Norwegian eurodance group Aqua a couple of weeks ago, we did it for fun but many people took it way too seriously (as usual), I still find it extremely entertaining tho, you can check the video here below:

We also have a debut album coming out which will be released by AExeron Media divided into five monthly episodes of two songs each. Here's an extensive preview of what you're gonna find on the record:

What else? Oh yeah, The Stranded... Well, we decided to put the band on hiatus for a while, we have too many things goin' on at the moment, but one day we'll release new stuff for sure. Elliot will probably launch a new project soon enough and I'm sure it's gonna kick ass as well, so check him out and be sure to support him, he deserves it!

Ok, gotta go now, take care of yourselves!

Ave Atque Vale,

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